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RHK Bernard Type 300A Air Cooled MIG Welding Torch – BND300





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BND300 Bernard Type 300A Euro MIG Air Cooling Welding Torch from RHK TECH WELDING


The Bernard style BND300 MIG Torch has been engineered for trouble-free and powerful performance. Combining balance, positioning, and ergonomics, this torch offers superior performance, cable life, and consistent wire speed. This torch also features an RHK TECH WELDING Performance Cable system offering outstanding flexibility, with the highest heat and abrasion resistance.

Technical Data for RHK TECH WELDING BND300 MIG Welding Gun


Current 300Amp CO2,250Amp MIX
Duty Cycle 60%
Cooling Air Cooled
Wire Size Φ0.6-1.6mm

Benefits for RHK TECH WELDING BND300 MIG Welding Gun

Performance Cable
The RHK TECH WELDING Performance Cable on the BND300 torch gives you awesome cable flexibility, heat and abrasion resistance. The outer cable jacket is constructed from cross-linked polymers, providing a tear-proof outer layer with a burn threshold of 375°C.

Housing, Nuts And Supports
The toughest, damage-resistant housings and nuts are formed in robust glass-reinforced polymers, so all conductive parts are housed in accordance with EN60974-7, CE and CCC.

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