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RHK Water Cooled Robotic Torch – ROBOT W550





Robotic Welding Gun


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Water-Cooled Robotic Welding Gun from RHK TECH WELDING


The ROBOT W550 welding gun,with the first-class configuration, simple operation and compact components that ensure continuous precision welding,of which the dismountable gun neck can shorten equipment downtime reduce maintenance and repair costs, have a high degree of process safety,and can be competent for welding between various materials,is a carbon dioxide are welding gun commonly used in Asia.

Technical Data for RHK TECH WELDING Water-Cooled Robotic Torch

Cooling mode Water-cooled
Rated value 550A CO2/500A MIXED GAS
Duty cycle 100%
Diameter of welding wires 0.8-1.6mm
Angle of gun neck 22°
Instant stop The deviation between X axis and Y axis is around1.5°
The deviation of the Z axis is around 1mm

Benefits for RHK TECH WELDING Water-Cooled Robotic Torch

  • Stainless steel torch neck, strong and durable, without fear of collision.
  • Anti collision made of high-strength aviation aluminum alloy to ensure accurate “reset accuracy”.
  • Convenient installation and simple operation.
  • Available for all hollow welding robots.

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