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RHK MIG Welding Torch 200AMP Aluminum Spool Gun – LB250








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LB250 MIG Aluminum Welding Torch 200AMP Spool Gun from RHK TECH WELDING

The “RHK TECH WELDING” 200 Amp Gas-shielded Welding Spool Gun adopts a lightweight design, which can really solve the problem of long-distance welding. Comfortable use in all positions without lugging heavy wire feeders and power supplies.

Technical Data for RHK TECH MIG Welding Spool Gun LB250

Current 200Amp CO2,180Amp MIX
Duty Cycle 60%
Cooling Gas Cooled
Wire Size Φ0.8-1.2mm
Cable Length 3m / 4m/ 6m / 8m
Application Stainless Steel & Aluminium Welding

Benefits for RHK TECH WELDING LB250 Spool Gun | 200AMP MIG Welding Torch

  • The fully enclosed spool helps keep the wire clean and free from contaminates.
  • Quick connect for easily changing between machines.
  • The wire drawing gun can reach a welding area of 10 meters or more.
  • It can also easily replace different types of gun necks to meet different welding needs.


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